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Implant Prosthodontics: Single Implant to Full-Mouth

Dr. Al Panjali

October 25October 26

info icon GPs new to placing or restoring implants
info icon GPs with a few years experience placing or restoring implants; GP may place/restore 25-50 implants/year
info icon GPs with several years experience placing or restoring implants; GP may place/restore 75+ implants per year
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CE Credits: 19

Program Description

Restoration Protocols for single, multiple and full arch cases

This course is for Dentists that restore implants and surgically place implants.

Course Objective

Learn biologic basis and fundamental principles of Implant Prosthodontics. The course will outline the diagnoses, planning, and designing implant-supported restorations. You will learn biomechanical principles of the prosthetic parts utilized for implant-supported restorations including surface treatments, connection types, and properties of each connection.

You will be able to diagnose, plan, and surgically place and restore single as well as multiple edentulous areas with endosseous implants.

Course Outline

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
• Occlusion
• Esthetic zone
• Splinting vs individual

Types of Abutments
• Cemented vs Screw-In
• Custom vs Stock
• Angled
• Locators
• Precision Attachments

Abutment Connections – Different Types and Their Significance
• Hex vs. Non-hex
• Screws

Prosthetic Parts of an Implant & How, When, and Where They Are Used
• Temporary Abutments
• UCLA Abutments
• Impression Copings
• Transfer Copings

• Implant-level Impressions
• Impressions for Stock Abutments
• Material Impressions vs. Digital Impressions

• Lab Communication
• Types of Crowns (Materials and Design)
• Types of Locators
• Permanent vs. Fixed Detachable vs. Removable Partials
• CAD-CAM Restorations

• Screw Tightening
• Types of Cementation
• Worry-free, Double Cementation Technique

Implant Maintenance
• Daily Care of Dental Implants

Hands-On Exercises (performed on models, surgical templates, panoramic radiographs and pig jaws)


Hands-on exercises are divided into 3 sessions including treatment planning modalities, fabrication of provisional restorations for immediate and delayed placement, and steps to the final restoration.
• Treatment Planning Modalities will start with establishing diagnosis and treatment plans on actual cases provided by Dr. Panjali. This exercise will utilize models, surgical templates, and panoramic radiographs
• Provisionalization: Includes an introduction to instrumentation and materials for fabricating provisional restoration for immediate and delayed placement. This will also include provisionals to shape tissue in the esthetic zone
• Stage II and soft tissue manipulation in pig jaws. Using healing abutments to shape tissue and keys to preventing the collapse of the desired contours. Taking implant level and abutment level impressions and establishing desired contours for final restorations
• Seating Final Restoration on models, pig jaws.

This exercise will include surveying the restorative site, re-establishing a good seating area, isolation, and inserting both cemented or screw final restorations.

Event Details

Speaker Bio

Dr. Al Panjali , DDS, MS, FAGD, DICOI

Dr. Panjali has over 28 years of experience practicing all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Panjali is a graduate of New York University’s College of Dentistry and has a Master’s Degree in Oral Implantology from Goethe University, Germany. A leading authority in the country, his vision for practice is focused on patient comfort, quality, and convenience.

Licensed in New York State, Dr. Panjali has received numerous awards, presented lectures on dental implants nationally and internationally, and has been published in professional dental publications. Dr. Panjali is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Diplomate status is the highest credential awarded by ICOI. Less than 1,500 dentists worldwide have achieved this level of distinction.

Over the course of 24 years, Dr. Panjali has lectured on and instructed thousands of dentists in the latest dental implant techniques, technologies, and procedures. Professionally, Dr. Panjali has evaluated several leading implant systems with innovative surgical techniques, providing non-invasive treatment in everyday dentistry. He has assisted in developing surgical instruments that have made surgical procedures easier for both dentists and assistants. He has successfully completed clinical trials of immediate placement in infected sockets and has developed a predictable protocol to achieve excellent results. He is the founder of the “No Drill Osteotomy,” a unique technique for surgical implant placement.

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