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Setting the Foundation for Immediate Dentures in Preparation for Implants

Dr. Ara Nazarian

October 25October 26

info icon GPs new to placing or restoring implants
info icon GPs with a few years experience placing or restoring implants; GP may place/restore 25-50 implants/year
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Program Description

This course is a two-day program, where the attendees will learn the foundation for immediate dentures in preparation for dental implants, including, but not limited to:

  • How to effectively treatment plan cases to meet the patient’s functional and aesthetic needs;
  • How to take preliminary impressions to guarantee a great fitting immediate denture;
  • Learn atraumatic and efficient extraction techniques that preserve bone and shorten surgery time in preparation for an immediate denture;
  • How to achieve predictable grafting results including an overview of what materials to use, when and why – including the importance of membranes;
  • Learn the proper armamentarium for leveling bone and grafting predictably in preparation for an immediate denture;
  • Learn suturing techniques that achieve consistent primary closure, including proper suturing when placing a membrane;
  • How to effectively soft reline that reduces post operative discomfort;
  • Learn proven patient communication techniques to explain the procedures to your patients to ensure patient acceptance of your treatment plans; and
  • Learn proven business and marketing tips on how to make your office more profitable and efficient related to extractions, grafting and immediate dentures.

Learn the techniques that will help these patients with terminal dentitions and watch your practice achieve immediate growth. Participants will be able to experience LIVE patient treatment, where they extract, level bone, graft and suture in a controlled supervised environment. During the program, the attendees will observe Dr. Ara Nazarian taking a live patient from A to Z, including the delivery of an immediate denture and all the steps that have to be followed for success.

All licensed U.S. and Canadian dentists will have the opportunity to work on live patients provided by us with supervision by our Amplify faculty. Each dentist can expect to perform multiple extractions, including full upper and/or lower cases to achieve the learning necessary for immediate dentures. Most extractions will be difficult extractions, including broken down or decayed teeth, providing a great learning experience. Each dentist will have the opportunity to graft several socket sites using several different types of graft materials and membranes to determine what products you may like the best for your own practice. Grafting can be complicated and our faculty does a great job to keep everything simple and to ensure there is no confusion regarding grafting following the program. In addition to the extractions and grafting, the attendees will level bone, flap and suture in preparation for an immediate denture.

Today, more and more patients are presenting to the dental practice with completely failing dentitions requiring full mouth extractions. These patients are requesting that the surgery (extractions, leveling, grafting) be performed in one surgical appointment where they receive the immediate denture and in most cases dental implants on the day of surgery.  Instead of performing multiple surgeries over a long period of time, this course focuses on the simplified protocols of extracting, leveling, grafting, suturing and delivery of immediate dentures in one visit. Learn the pre-operative planning and surgical techniques involved to set the foundation for dental implant placement.

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Amplify Dental Training Center

27251 Gratiot Avenue
Roseville, MI 48066 United States
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Speaker Bio

Dr. Ara Nazarian

Dr. Nazarian maintains a private practice in Troy, Michigan, with an emphasis on comprehensive and restorative care. He is a Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). His articles have been published in many of today’s popular dental publications and is consistently listed as a top dental educator. He has conducted many lectures and hands-on workshops on aesthetic materials and dental implants throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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