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Immediate Placement Tissue & Bone Grafting

Dr. Al Panjali

May 17May 18

info icon GPs new to placing or restoring implants
info icon GPs with a few years experience placing or restoring implants; GP may place/restore 25-50 implants/year
info icon GPs with several years experience placing or restoring implants; GP may place/restore 75+ implants per year
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CE Credits: 16

Program Description

Want to know about immediate implant placement? This full 2-day course will teach you a step by step understanding of the various situations for immediate implant placement from simple to more complex in sections as follows:

• Rationale, indications, contraindications for immediate placement/load, bone grafting, and mini implants
• Detailed predictable technique description
• You will understand the graft material selection process
• You will know what works and what doesn’t work
• You will recognize how to avoid and treat complications
• Hands-on exercises will put knowledge to practice

• One Stage, Two Stage vs. Immediate Placement
• Anatomical considerations and limitations
• Diagnosis and treatment planning
• Soft and hard tissue principles
• Flap designs and periodontal principles utilized in implant dentistry
• Perform atraumatic extractions
• Minimally invasive implant placement
• Understand the mechanics and biomechanics of bone grafting
• Principles of GTR and GBR
• Utilizing the tunneling technique for soft tissue augmentation
• Membranes: Types, techniques, and applications
• Socket preservation and minimally invasive bone grafting
• Clinical cases

• Soft tissue grafting
• Tenting and alternate grafting techniques
• Autogenous Bone Grafting: Advantages, disadvantages, harvesting techniques, and block grafting
• Ridge Augmentation
• Inlay and Onlay grafts
• Discuss PRP., PRF, rh – BMP
• Sinus Elevation: Lateral and Crestal approach
• Ridge splitting and expansion
• Full arch treatment (fixed and removable)
• Discuss complications including fractured screws, drills, and implant in the sinus, etc.

Hands-on exercises are divided into 4 sessions, including treatment planning modalities, immediate implant placement, bone grafting, ridge expansion, suturing techniques, and more
• Treatment Planning Immediate Implants will start with establishing diagnosis and treatment plans on models for atraumatic extractions, immediate placement, and socket grafting. Different techniques and modalities will be practiced.
• GBR with PRF will include, a detailed hands-on protocol for tenting, venipuncture, PRF, and iPRF. Fabrication of steaky bone using PRF and iPRF. Manipulation and usage of steaky bone for socket grafting and other grafting procedures.
• Sinus Elevation Module will include an internal and lateral approach for sinus elevation on models utilizing the hydraulic lift kits as well as the traditional Caudwell-Luc approach.
• Bone Blocks and Flap Management will include incisions and flap designs on the pig jaw; extraction and immediate placement of dental implants, manipulation of surgical flaps; obtaining of tension-free closure; elongating flaps for primary closure; ridge expansion and splits using piezo surgery and discs; harvesting blocks and cylinders; tacking membranes using screws for ridge augmentation; and 3-step suturing techniques.

*Limited enrollment ensures one on one interaction between the instructor and participants to enhance the learning experience.

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Speaker Bio

Dr. Al Panjali , DDS, MS, FAGD, DICOI

Dr. Panjali has over 28 years of experience practicing all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Panjali is a graduate of New York University’s College of Dentistry and has a Master’s Degree in Oral Implantology from Goethe University, Germany. A leading authority in the country, his vision for practice is focused on patient comfort, quality, and convenience.

Licensed in New York State, Dr. Panjali has received numerous awards, presented lectures on dental implants nationally and internationally, and has been published in professional dental publications. Dr. Panjali is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Diplomate status is the highest credential awarded by ICOI. Less than 1,500 dentists worldwide have achieved this level of distinction.

Over the course of 24 years, Dr. Panjali has lectured on and instructed thousands of dentists in the latest dental implant techniques, technologies, and procedures. Professionally, Dr. Panjali has evaluated several leading implant systems with innovative surgical techniques, providing non-invasive treatment in everyday dentistry. He has assisted in developing surgical instruments that have made surgical procedures easier for both dentists and assistants. He has successfully completed clinical trials of immediate placement in infected sockets and has developed a predictable protocol to achieve excellent results. He is the founder of the “No Drill Osteotomy,” a unique technique for surgical implant placement.